Who is Professor A. G. ELAYI

Alain Elayi

Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, Alain Gérard ELAYI grew up there until 1963 when he got his high school degree (Baccalauréat Mathématiques Élémentaires).

He then traveled to France where he obtained his first Doctorate in 1972 (Doctorat de 3e cycle). At the same time, he was teaching at the University of Saint-Etienne among others, and started his scientific publications (see his first publications).

He then worked for 7 years in the Middle East where his career was impacted by the instabilities of this region. He was engaged by research centers while lecturing in different universities: the National Center of Scientific Research of Lebanon, the Lebanese University of Beirut, Al Hazen Research Institute of Baghdad, and the University of Baghdad.

In July 1980, before the Iraq-Iran war, he came back to France where he decided to settle with his wife and their two children: he lectured in different Institutes. In 1982, he got the highest degree in France – Doctorat d’état en Physique Nucléaire – from the University of Lyon (where he had already got his first Doctorate). He took French nationality, and he became a senior lecturer at the University of Paris where he continued his research in Nuclear Physics and got an habilitation to become professor. He has also much interest in scientific methods applied to the field of ancient history and archaeology. His research and experimental achievements were made in  such prestigious places as the CERN (Conseil Européen de la recherche Nucléaire or European council for nuclear Research) or the CEA (the French Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique).

He has published 10 books and more than 90 scientific articles. He published also several general articles, participated to radio and television broadcasts and received a reward from the Academy in France for one of his books.

From Academy to Industry: In the frame of his private company Scientechnix, Professor A.G. ELAYI collaborated with some of the most important civil Nuclear companies: EDF (Électricité de France), having more than 50 huge nuclear reactors and having until recently the monopoly of selling electricity in France. Let us recall that over 80% of French electricity was produced by nuclear reactors. He has also collaborated with the Belgian company Electrabel which produces nuclear electricity in Belgium. His interventions covered more than 20 nuclear power plant sites and he developed several expert systems for his interventions.

In the field of very high level nuclear medicine, he has developed a camera for exploring the brain.

The latest achievement of Professor A.G. ELAYI is a new technology for sea water desalination which is, in opposition to the other similar technologies, affordable by countries with limited resources.

Patents for this technology have been obtained from the main industrial countries such as USA, China, India, Australia, Japan…. An industrial scale prototype demonstrated that this technology is perfectly applicable and very economical.

Contact: Alain G. Elayi, 92 rue de Lourmel, 75015 Paris, France,

and SCIENTECHNIX, 22 rue François Villon, 75015 Paris, France.